• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed (28 day return service)
    • Free standard delivery orders A$150+
    • Free returns
    • Afterpay available online only. Afterpay is not currently available in stores
    • Afterpay returns must sent back to the warehouse, Afterpay refunds cannot be done in stores
    • Afterpay returns must sent back to the warehouse, Afterpay refunds OR exchanges cannot be done in stores.



    Can I send my order as a gift?
    At this time, we do not offer a gift wrapping / gift card service for online orders.

    Can I buy a gift card online?
    Unfortunately gift cards can only be bought in stores at this time.

    Can I redeem a gift card online?
    Unfortunately gift cards can only be redeemed in stores at this time.

    Can I layby in stores?
    We do offer laybys for our range excluding Limited Release styles. The following terms apply: Minimum 20% deposit (refundable) is required $5 non-refundable fee applies to all laybys Maximum layby term of 30 days

    I’ve seen a product on the Foot Locker US website. Can I get it from Australia?
    Unfortunately not. Although Foot Locker has stores globally, US, Europe, Canada and Asia Pacific are each individual divisions who work directly with the brand partners in our respective regions. As a result, not all products are available in Australia, even though Foot Locker in the US has the item in stock. Keep an eye out though and feel free to let us know via the Contact Us page if you like something you’ve seen from a different Division as we may have it, or something similar, coming in soon (different seasons), or we can take your feedback on board when reviewing ranges in the future.

    Do you sell limited release product online?
    At this stage, stores will be the best place to buy limited release products.

    Where do I go to keep track of the latest releases?
    Each month we post a blog with the following months releases. Blogs are also posted a few days prior to particular styles releasing confirming the release date (as they do change from time to time), list of stores the release with be available at and the size range. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are also a great place to stay up to date with the latest news.

    What is your policy on Limited Release styles?
    Foot Locker Asia Pacific has a strict policy in regard to Limited Release styles to ensure its fair for everyone.

    • No Holds (for both customers and Foot Locker employees)
    • No Lay-bys
    • The customer may purchase one (1) pair of the Limited Release style and has the option to return to the end of the queue to purchase additional pairs
    • No more than 3 pairs may be sold to one customer without approval by the Foot Locker VP Operations
    • Maximum 10% discount applies for Foot Locker Club members
    • Employees can purchase the product at a maximum 10% discount
    • All Employees must line-up like all customers
    • Product is not to be transferred out of the allocated store until authorised by the relevant merchandiser (via the Hold Release Table)

    I’d like to buy a limited release item from Foot Locker. What’s the usual process?
    Foot Locker are currently piloting an in-app release reservation process via The Locker app. Currently this functionality is only available in selected regions for selected releases. For more information visit footlocker.com.au/releasereservation In order to keep it fair for everyone, Foot Locker has a first in, first served policy in regards to limited releases. Where there is a line-up, staff will facilitate the sales such that the first person in line is served first. We recommend you get to store early to give yourself the best opportunity to get a pair in your preferred size. If demand for a particular release far outweighs the allocation available, Foot Locker will implement an Expression of Interest (EOI) registration. In the interest of customer safety, Foot Locker does not encourage overnight line up arrangements for limited release product. As a result, EOI registrations will be taken leading up to the release date as stated in the release updates blog on our website. For more information on EOI registrations please contact your local Foot Locker store that will implement the procedure. Foot Locker also has a limit of one limited release pair per customer to ensure as many people as possible have a chance to purchase. However, if you have purchased a pair and would like another, you are able to rejoin the end of the line to purchase a second pair if stock is still available. For more information on Limited Release rules please contact your local Foot Locker store.

    What’s the best way to find out if a product has been released to your stores on time?
    With releases that have had a release date listed, it is a good idea to check the website blog a few days out to confirm the release details (stores and sizes), however on rare occasions, we do have unexpected delays in stock being delivered to stores. In these cases we post on our blog as soon as we are made aware of the delay, which for Limited Release or Quickstrike releases, may be the day prior. We recommend checking the blog regularly the day prior to a release for updates. Also call the store you intend to visit requesting an update on their delivery.

    Are the prices the same online as in store?
    We endeavour to keep our prices consistent throughout our stores and online. Occasionally, our pricing may be slightly different due to special promotions or mark downs that are only available when purchasing online or in store. Please Note:

    • All prices in the online store include GST. GST is payable on all goods delivered after 30th June 2000.
    • All prices are in Australian dollars

    Why can’t I add a product to the cart?
    If you cannot add a product to the cart, it may be that the item or size you are interested in has sold out, but the website is still not showing the stock update. This generally only happens with very popular items which are sold out very quickly and generate a huge amount of visits to the website in a short timeframe, not giving time to the system to refresh. If that is the case, please try to purchase the item again later, or visit one of our stores.

    How do I enter a promo code?
    All valid promotional codes need to be keyed into the "Promotion Code" field within the view cart page. Promotional codes are case sensitive.

    Can I send my order as a gift?
    At this time, we do not offer a gift wrapping / gift card service for online orders.

    Can I place an order over the phone?
    At this time, we cannot process orders over the phone.

    Do I have to register an account to place an order?
    If you are new to Foot Locker and don't wish to create an account, you can still place an order as a guest shopper. By shopping as a guest you are not remembered, will need to re enter your details each time you shop and can’t track your order via your account.

    Which credit cards are accepted online?

    • Credit cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard

    Do you offer BPay or PayPal?
    At this time we will not be offering BPay or PayPal as payment methods at the checkout.

    My payment method was not accepted
    Ensure that you have submitted the correct credit card type, card identification number and expiry date. Also check that you have sufficient funds in your account. If you are still having problems try an alternative card or contact your bank. If all else fails, contact Customer Service on 1800 953 330 Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm AEST

    Can I change my order once I have paid for it?
    Orders cannot be changed once they have been placed, however we may be able to cancel your order if you contact Customer Service immediately on 1800 953 330 Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm AEST


    Can I send my parcel to a PO Box address?
    Yes you can select a PO Box or parcel locker as your delivery address.

    I inserted a wrong shipping address. What now?
    We are, unfortunately, unable to change the delivery address once an order has been placed. That is because we cannot guarantee that the change in our system will be effective before the delivery takes place and also to avoid possible frauds. You can still contact our Customer Service on 1800 953 330 Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8:30pm AEST for advice.

    I lost my receipt. Can I still return products?
    Unfortunately we always require proof of purchase and will not accept returns without it. The receipt that you receive when you purchase the item is your proof of purchase and it is the customers’ responsibility to keep this receipt.

    I purchased something in one of Foot Locker stores and would like to return it. Can I ship it back to the store?
    Unfortunately the customer always has to return the product purchased in store to any of our stores in person. The reason for this is that we need a signature for the refund.

    Can I return an item that was purchased in the US/Europe/Eastbay?
    Due to the fact that our Asia Pacific stores have a different register system, a different currency and we do not sell the same items, our stores are not able to exchange these items through Foot Locker Australia.

    I have Only Received part of my order.
    We do out best to send all items you have ordered in the one satchel but sometimes we have to send items separately. If you wish to discuss your order call our customer service team on 1800 953 330 Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm AEST


    How do I delete my account?
    If you wish to delete your footlocker.com.au account, please send an email at questions_en@footlocker.eu

    How to join The Locker program
    Download The Locker app from the App Store or Google Play, sign up via email or Facebook and you’re ready to start earning points and rewards!

    Can I use my Locker membership for online purchases?
    The Locker rewards are only available to be redeemed in store. You cannot earn points for online purchases. No part of the Locker program applies to online transactions on www.footlocker.com.au.

    I need to speak to someone about my Locker membership. What should I do?
    The best option is to call our Locker Hotline 1300 935 484. From there we can update your details or assist with any other enquiry you may have. Alternatively you can update your details on the App. You can also pop into any of our stores and speak to a Sales Associate.

    I believe my email provider has blocked Foot Locker online customer service emails

    • Check that Foot Locker is added to your contacts or safe list and removed from your junk email
    • Resubmit your query and make sure you have entered a valid email in the contact us form