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    adidas, clothing and shoes for sports and lifestyle

    Adidas has been a sports icon since the 1940s — but it was the 1980s that would see it truly explode into popularity as an international style icon after adidas shoes were embraced by the nascent hip-hop community as the epitome of style. Today, the brand retains its status as an international indicator of cool. With ever-evolving sneakers like the Ultraboost and casual yet functional street and sportswear clothing, adidas is a brand that continues to pioneer. 

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    Styling your adidas gear 

    adidas was a seminal brand in the streetwear space, so the look for your gear is smart but casual. When you’re putting together an outfit with your new adidas gear, you should be opting for a comfortable yet stylish vibe. It’s sporty, but still suitable for heading out to the club — so loose-fitting t-shirts, slick adidas track pants and comfortable zip-up jackets are the order of the day. 

    Shop at Foot Locker for adidas 

    The best news is that adidas is for sale in Australia, right here at Foot Locker. Looking to buy adidas shoes or other adidas gear? Foot Locker has you covered. With an extensive range of adidas clothing for men, women and kids, you’ll be able to easily find any item that you’re looking for. You’ll find adidas track pants, adidas hoodies and adidas sweatshirts, along with other great styles. 


    Which country is adidas originally from?

    adidas was founded in 1924 in the German town of Herzogenaurach.

    Why is adidas so special?

    adidas is a special brand because it’s touched so many different generations for different reasons. After developing a reputation for excellence on the sporting field, it evolved into a style icon in the hip-hop world, where it then spread across the globe. Today, it’s a brand equally admired for both the form and function of its products, which continues to pioneer new innovations in both the sporting and fashion worlds. 

    What does adidas really stand for?

    Originally, the word “adidas” was created as an abbreviation of the company founder’s name — Adolf “Adi” Dassler. However, in the years since many have come to believe that it’s an acronym for “All Day I Dream About Sport”. Though this isn’t technically correct, the company has periodically used the phrase on its clothing, helping reinforce the urban legend in the process. 

    What does the adidas Trefoil mean?

    The trefoil logo wasn’t adidas’ first logo; it was only introduced when the company expanded beyond footwear, into sporting clothes and leisurewear. The distinctive three-leaf shape of adidas’ trefoil logo is meant to symbolise the landmasses of the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia. The stripes through the logo are a symbol of the diversity found around the world (and in turn, in adidas’ range of shoes and clothing). 

    Can you put adidas shoes in the washer? 

    A number of adidas shoes can actually be put in the washing machine! Make sure you remove the laces first to ensure that grime doesn’t get trapped beneath them; they can be washed separately in a pillowcase or washbag. You should also make sure to use liquid detergent rather than powdered and include some towels in the load to balance it out.  Additionally, always air dry your shoes — the dryer may damage them and direct sunlight can change their colour. 

    Washer-friendly shoes include: 

    • Canvas
    • Pleather
    • Rubber
    • Plastic
    • Knit 

    How do I measure my size for adidas shoes? 

    All of our adidas shoe pages feature a FIt Guide, which provides a breakdown of which shoe will be best for your foot. Alternatively, visit one of our stores in person to get fitted by one of our friendly staff. 

    Where can I buy adidas clothes? 

    Right here at Foot Locker! We’re a leading supplier of adidas shoes in Australia. Browse our online store, where you can buy adidas shoes online, along with a great range of adidas clothing.

    What are adidas’ most popular shoes?

    Given its dominance in the sneaker market over the decades, it’s no surprise that adidas has created a number of iconic styles. The adidas Gazelle was arguably the shoe that catapulted the brand to streetwear fame; originally designed for soccer practice, it’s since become a hip-hop and style icon and is still available today. However, adidas has never been one to rest on its laurels; today the brand has birthed creations like the Ultraboost, which blend the company’s signature simplicity with modern sports stylings. 

    What is adidas’ best-selling product?

    Today, the best-selling adidas shoe is the Ultraboost. Since being launched in 2015, it’s captivated both pro sports players and sneakerheads alike, thanks to its distinctive blend of sports tech and style.