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    New Balance

    Sneaker brands all have their own unique legacy and heritage, but few can tout that they’ve been in the shoe-making game as long as New Balance has. Founded in 1906, New Balance has been bringing shoes to the masses for more than a century.

    In that time, New Balance shoes have become a staple in the athletic and fashion worlds, earning their place as style icons among basketball, skateboarding, running and streetwear fans.

    Since the brand expanded into making their clothing for men and women in 1978, apparel like the New Balance shorts, hoodies and track pants have even garnered a fandom outside of their core athletic audience. 

    Shop New Balance today with Foot Locker

    Today, there’s a keen fanbase for New Balance in Australia — and be it shoes or apparel, Foot Locker’s got the country’s New Balance needs covered. We’ve got a huge range of shoes for men and women alike, along with a wide span of clothing and accessories. Shop at one of our 100-plus stores around the country or view our full range of New Balance products right here online. 


    What do the numbers on New Balance shoes mean?

    Making sense of the numbering system for New Balance shoes may appear challenging at first, but it’s easy to understand once you know what the numbers mean. If you’re after fashion shoes with high stability for walking, opt for New Balance shoes that end in lower numbers such as the 40, 50 and 60 models. For those who are looking for the perfect long-distance running shoe, middle-numbered New Balance models, including 70 and 80, are lightweight and have unparalleled cushioning. The highest numbers, 90 and 00, have been crafted for speed — providing superior fit and ride, ideal for professional and competitive athletes.

    What is the difference between New Balance Heritage and New Balance Lifestyle shoes?

    The New Balance Heritage range draws inspiration from New Balance’s past classic styles to create modern, functional styles. It’s a retro look paired with contemporary tech to ensure that you’ve still got shoes that will be able to perform at the highest standard. 

    New Balance Lifestyle also draws on classic athletic looks, but have been repurposed to provide a more casual, trendy look. They’re perfect for when you’re opting for style rather than function.

    Do New Balance shoes run big?

    No, New Balance shoes are true to size. Additionally, they’re a consistent brand internationally, so you shouldn’t need to shift sizes from country to country. 

    How can I clean New Balance shoes? Do I need to do anything special for suede? 

    After experiencing the comfort and stability of a pair of New Balance shoes, you’ll likely be wearing them wherever you go. And naturally, they’ll get dirty after long periods of wear. When this happens, we suggest you clean them using a light bristle brush and a mild cleaning agent. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any dye and is silicone-based to preserve the look of your shoe.

    Additionally, ensure that you use a dedicated suede cleaner for any suede portions of your shoe. And never put your New Balance sneakers in the washing machine — it can seriously damage them. 

    What should I wear with New Balance shoes?

    One of New Balance’s great strengths has been the ability of its products to blend seamlessly into almost any situation. There’s always the option to go for an athletic look, pairing New Balance runners with track pants and jacket or hoodie — a get-up perfect for lounging around the home or heading out on the town. 

    But New Balance kicks also pair well with any manner of casual clothing — the jeans and a tee is a classic look for men and women alike. Feel free to experiment and mix it up! The best New Balance running shoes are the ones that make you feel good about your outfit. 

    Where can I buy New Balance shoes online?

    You can satisfy all your New Balance needs right here at Foot Locker! We’re one of the best places for New Balance shoes in Australia, as well as any other New Balance gear you might need.