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    If you’re in the market for a lifestyle sneaker that you can wear equally well around the house or out with your friends, adidas NMDs are the shoes for you. There’s already a substantial fanbase for NMDs in Australia, thanks to their casual and contemporary streetwear style. You can look cool while feeling comfortable all day. 

    Available in a huge variety of colorways, they’re the perfect choice to complement any outfit. With more than 40 variations available across their kidswomen’s and men’s ranges, NMD shoes have marked themselves out as the new standard for style. 

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    An athleisure shoe with innovative features

    Debuting in 2015, adidas NMDs are designed for the urban nomad looking for the perfect blend of fashion and function. The adidas NMDs are popular sneakers for men, women and kids around the world. Designed by adidas’s Vice President of Global Design, Nic Galway, the NMD has become a cultural symbol of athleisure. 

    They have a classic, old-school design that’s accessible to everyone, along with a few innovative features that set them apart. This includes the stylish blocks on the side of the outsole which help stabilise the foot, as well as adidas’s popular Boost cushioning technology. 

    If you’re looking for adidas NMDs in Australia, Foot Locker is your go-to destination. NMDs come in a variety of colours and styles, which you can find both in-store or buy online. Whether you’re shopping for a pair of women’s adidas NMDs or for the right pair of kids’ adidas NMDs for grade school, we’ve got you covered.


    What does NMD stand for?

    NMD is short for nomad — someone who moves from place to place. The word is largely synonymous with wanderer and traveller, and is undoubtedly an apt name for these shoes designed to provide support and comfort for those who are always on the go and hitting the streets.

    What’s special about adidas NMDs?

    adidas NMDs are a fantastic lifestyle sneaker. With their supportive Boost cushioning and Primeknit upper ventilation technology, the NMDs are specially designed for everyday use. By combining earlier design concepts with their latest technology, adidas has created a classic sneaker that feels as good as it looks.

    Are adidas NMD running shoes?

    No, adidas NMDs are not running shoes. While they’re very comfortable and extremely supportive, they are not designed for running, basketball or other athletic activities. The NMDs can handle the occasional jog, but we recommend wearing them for casual day-to-day walks and outings.

    Buy adidas NMDs online with Foot Locker

    If you’re looking for adidas NMDs in Australia, look no further than Foot Locker. When you buy any one of our world-class NMDs, you get free returns, free standard delivery on orders over $150 and our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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