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    Nike Free A must-have addition to your sport and trainer collection

    Every runner, fan of trainers, or athlete knows the concept of Nike Free because quite simply, it’s the absolute cult shoe. The innovative and unusual design, and the striking colours and prints make Nike Free a real eye-catcher.

    You can never have enough pairs of Nike Free shoes because they come in so many different colours and print versions that once you’ve caught the bug, you’ll want to have a different colour for each outfit and mood.If you’re looking for a Nike Free to go with any outfit, then opt for the plain black or white.Bit if you but want to accentuate features and really stand out, then why not go for a bright pink, red or green... or perhaps you prefer a polka dot pattern?Nike Free are the must-have pair of trainers!But they’re also a real favourite as running shoes for shorter distances. In the Foot Locker Europe Online Shop, there’s a Nike Free for every foot shape and size. Read more
    Whether it’s for women, men, children or even infants, there’s something for the whole family. Take a look around in peace and find your Nike Free !

    Nike Free - that “barefoot running feeling”

    In 2002, the aim of the innovative and creative team at Nike was to highlight the benefits of barefoot running. They observed the bio-mechanical processes and tried to incorporate what they learned into the Nike Free running shoe.When running barefoot the surface of the foot touches the ground almost horizontally and the forces are more evenly distributed over the whole foot, increasing the training effect of the muscles in the legs and feet.These and other observations of barefoot running have been incorporated into the Nike Free running shoe.Wearing them for the first time, it initially feels unfamiliar, as if your feet are free “floating", but that’s exactly the natural running feeling that makes the Nike Free so special.Muscle soreness can occur and simply means that the shoe is fulfilling its function.

    Nike Free Technology

    When running, the feet are exposed to heavy loads.For this reason, it’s important to achieve optimal stabilisation through the running shoe.You don’t need to be afraid of bending or of having insufficient stability with Nike Free.Nike Free meets all your stability needs, independent of the lightness and freedom of movement in the shoe.

    The sole of the Nike Free running shoe is a real innovation in the field of running.They consist of Flex grooves, which ensure extreme flexibility and dynamics by supporting the natural movement of the foot.The light, almost seamless mesh upper of the Nike Free provides comfort and an optimum fit.The moulded insole, which is modelled in the shape of the foot, as well as the Flywire filaments, which are connected to the shoe laces, provide additional support and guarantee a good fit.

    Different models of Nike Free

    Since 2004, the Nike Free has been in constant development, resulting in a number of variations.The different name of the shoe – Free 3.0 to 5.0 – mean that the lower the number, the more you’ll feel like you’re running barefoot. The secret of the Nike Free 5.0 is its modified sole, which is now designed with flex curves in the form of a hexagon.This means your foot can move in six directions, while always being supported.Together with the new upper mix of mesh and dynamic Flywire, the Nike Freeoffers a breathable, stable fit.This running shoe is suitable for use both in the gym and outdoors. The model of Nike Free that trains the foot and calf muscles the most, is the Free 3.0.That's why you should adjust to the muscle soreness, because your muscles must first get used to the new strain.They are characterised by the typical waffle sole, which results in exceedingly good wearing comfort.

    All Nike Free models will go really well with a sporty outfit in the gym or when out running, but they’re also the perfect complement to the lifestyle look, with casual jeans and a T-shirt. Experience free running now - Run Nike Free!

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