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    The Nike Cortez – a classic sneaker in modern packaging

    Nike Cortez hasn’t missed a training run for over 20 years. A simple but distinctive design and classic features make this sneaker a real long-runner.

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    With the Nike Cortez, Nike managed to produce an immortal fashion icon. The running shoe has not only changed the sporting world in its time but with the introduction of this classic, fashionistas suddenly started wearing sneakers every day. The success of the Cortez was inevitably due to the distinctive design and the comfort of the shoe. The running shoe remains as popular even today. The sports star has risen once again as the Nike Cortez Classic and blends its retro-chic design with the maximum functionality. At Foot Locker you can find the sneaker in numerous iconic colourways and designs suitable for your individual training requirements.

    A real success story: the Nike Cortez

    The Nike Cortez goes back to the athletics trainer Bill Bowerman. However, he was not only successful on the track, but also a co-founder of Nike. The first Cortez prototype was already being developed in 1972, though the big breakthrough came at the beginning of the 80s. The idea behind the design was simple – a light running shoe that was as durable as it was comfortable. At the time, hard surfaces were commonplace on the training grounds – all the more important to have a sole that wouldn’t rub too quickly and promised long, effective shock absorption. Originally, the Nike Cortez was reserved for men, but in time new designs came onto the market. Among others there was the very successful women’s range and numerous colour varieties of the Nike Cortez for women.

    Perfect for a runner

    Even if the Cortez is considered the perfect example of a retro-sneaker today, the practical features for runners are enjoying an even greater popularity. The upper part is particularly flexible thanks to the intelligent material choice, and offers all runners with different foot types plenty of support and stability. Furthermore, the full-length EVA foam is a key element of the Nike Cortez. It doesn’t only offers a soft foot bed, but also provides optimal foot protection for the foot even on long jogs. This means that hard ground and stones won’t wear on your foot! The outer herringbone-patterned sole is wonderfully suited for the requirements of runners and guarantees support on every surface, even flat indoor sports halls. The Nike Cortez is therefore a blend of numerous advantages, which adds up to its success. But its cool look is also clear for all to see!

    A new look for Nike Cortez: bright and fancy

    While the classic Nike colourways dominated the 80s, today anything goes! For Nike Cortez this means bright colours. This obviously does not mean that black, white and co will be left behind. On the contrary, white as an accent colour is what provides the pure street style. Moreover, this only serves to enhance the distinctive Nike Swoosh. Other Nike label details aren’t missing from the Cortez. Since it’s precisely the simple look of the sneakers that’s so cool, the designers prefer to practice some restraint with the upper part, and try to focus more on the laces or other details. But one thing is certainly always present, and that’s a unique retro charm that looks good in the gym and in the city.

    Perfect for the gym and the street – a true style wonder!

    Today, Nike is not only known for its sporting features, but also for its stylish designs that can be worn every day. With its high level of comfort and iconic shape, the Nike Cortez provides everything that you could want for your training session. And after the gym, you can jump straight onto the runway wearing them! Foot Locker offers the Nike Cortez Classic in several colourways, from classic to modern and jazzy, here you can find everything to make your sneaker world even cooler.

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