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    New Balance 574 – the class leader

    The New Balance 574 is the most popular model from the American sports label – and deservedly so! Don’t miss out on the perfect blend of design and function.

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    Always on the move

    New Balance can look back on a century in business. It all began in 1906, when William J. Riley, a first-generation English immigrant, founded the company in Boston, USA, initially as an orthopaedic shoe specialist. Word-of-mouth was its only marketing and back then, New Balance had little in common with the empire it would eventually grow into. When the label launched the world’s first running shoe with a ripple-patterned sole in the 1960s, which was even available in a choice of widths, it recorded a major milestone in the history of sports shoes. Nonetheless, the company would still have to wait a while before it began to score major successes. That day came in 1972, when New Balance was bought by its company president, Jim Davis. Fittingly, and perhaps fatefully for New Balance’s position as the ultimate running brand, the purchase was completed on the exact day of the Boston Marathon. The company, which had until then employed precisely six staff, got its big break through the running boom of the seventies and today, it’s the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of sporting goods, which manufactures as much as 25% of all items completely in America. The high point of the company’s philosophy is expressed in its love of movement – of any kind. New Balance is therefore not only aimed at professional athletes, but just as much as hobby runners and sports players, and indeed, at anyone who likes to wear sports gear as part of their everyday outfits.

    The shoes with numbers instead of names

    All New Balance shoes have one thing in common, in addition to their perfect blend of form and function: instead of models with their own names, they only ever have a number. This tradition has its origins in the shoes of a man named Arthur Heckler, who wanted to highlight the brand and its philosophy, rather than the individual model of shoe, so that a New Balance product is always 100 per cent pure New Balance. 1978 marked the first appearance of the New Balance 320 and 620, followed by the overnight success of the 990 in the early 1980s. Even though these models are still available, none is more popular than the New Balance 574, which remains the brand’s clear best seller. It was first launched in 1988, when it was created from leftovers from the production of the 576. Originally conceived as a tennis shoe, the design of this trainer deserves a bigger audience than the confines of a tennis court.

    The New Balance 574 – a classical beauty

    The New Balance 574, with its boxy toe-cap, narrow sole and high tab, is quite simply a design masterpiece. This classical beauty among shoes has an unmistakeable, distinctively masculine shape that is complemented by its stylish, high-quality outer material. The upper material is made from a blend of leather and nylon mesh. The ENCAP midsole offers superb damping to the foot at the same time as ensuring stability, while a comfortable run that’s gentle on your joints is ensured by the well-padded ankle area and the non-slip sole. There is a specific New Balance 574 for men, with a women’s equivalent New Balance 574 also available, as well as a constantly changing range of special editions. It never gets boring when it comes to colour choice, either: this classic is available in no fewer than 80 colours, which makes choosing between them a tough decision! The grey model has a deeply traditional appearance, which means it can be combined with any outfit, while if you prefer a more brightly coloured version, you can add a splash of colour as a sporty finishing touch. Simply let the vast selection here at Foot Locker inspire you!

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