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    Jordan Retro – a sporty mix of cult appeal, style, and cool

    Legendary, stylish, full of cult appeal and simply cool – the Air Jordan models are more than just another pair of ordinary basketball shoes. Even the first version was the trigger for massive hype, and the numerous later Air Jordan models that have appeared impressed more than “just” the entire basketball scene: since then, hip hoppers, break dancers and skateboarders have also gone crazy for AJs. The shoes were so sought after that Nike actually set up a subsidiary brand to deal with AJs exclusively. Despite this, Air Jordans have always stayed true to their roots. With the Jordan Retro models, the business has launched a specific series to massive international acclaim. In particular, the Jordan Retro 3 and the Jordan Retro 12 models practically created hysteria among sneaker lovers.

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    Jordan Retro 3 - Michael Jordan’s favourite shoe

    With the launch of the Jordan Retro range, the Jordan Retro 3 in particular is celebrated as a stand-out model. After all, the original version was launched in 1988 specifically to celebrate Michael Jordan’s victory in the Slam Dunk contest. As such, the Jordan Retro 3 features the famous Jumpman logo. In addition, with this shoe you get a basketball shoe that Michael Jordan has officially declared to be his favourite. The basketball legend wore the first variant of this model at the Dunk Championships and other, similar events for example. No wonder, then, that the hype defied description when the Jordan Retro 3 appeared on the market in 2007 in two different colour combinations.

    From the Jordan Retro 3 directly to the international hit Jordan Retro 4

    If you’re after something nostalgic, these retro variants will also have exactly what you’re looking for. In 2009, this basketball shoe was issued in the legendary True Blue Colorway version. Just two years later, this version also won the hearts of Star Wars fans, virtually taking them by storm thanks to the laser engraving on the sole of the Jordan Retro as well as the black design with the inlaid gold stitching. Just 3,000 pieces of this model were produced. The original version of the Air Jordan 4 (and later the Jordan Retro 4) had of course achieved international breakthrough success when the director, Spike Lee, the shoes, designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield in his film “Do the Right Thing.” Eventually the Jordan Retro 4 became a massive hit in many countries, not least because of the hype that was created as well as new design features. When they first came out in 1999, newspapers reported that people were literally going crazy in order to get their hands on a pair of Jordan Retro 4s.

    Jordan Retro 4 - a tribute to a very successful time

    Michael Jordan himself was also personally responsible for the massively successful sales of the Jordan Retro 4. With the original versions on his feet, he secured several more titles as top scorer; as the top basketball superstar of his time, he was also nominated for the All Star Game, the All Defense and for First Team NBA. In addition, Jordan scored his famous basket (The Shot) in the 1989 playoff against the Cleveland Cavaliers while wearing the original versions. The corresponding retro model therefore enjoys legendary status and that’s why we have included the stylish, cult Jordan Retro 4 in a range of different colour combinations in our range. After all, this model version represents the virtues that Michael “Air” Jordan immortalised as a basketball player – climbing steeply to become irresistible in the air, while maintaining discipline and perseverance.

    Jordan Retro 9s recall Jordan’s time as a baseball player

    Also available in our shop is the Jordan Retro 9, the new edition of the Air Jordan 9. This model also has massive cult appeal, as the designers have specifically launched the Jordan Retro 9 as a reference to October 1993, when Jordan first retired from basketball. The design focus of the Jordan Retro 9 is therefore the cleated soles that Michael Jordan wore during his short period as a minor league baseball pro after retiring from basketball. As such, the Jordan Retro 9, like the Jordan Retro 10 or Jordan Retro 12 for example, features an integrated neoprene sock. This ensures that players get more grip in the Jordan Retro 9. In addition, a number of different lettering styles and symbols are engraved directly into the soles. This shoe, which was originally available from 1993 to 1994, has been reissued no fewer than four times in the Jorden Retro range, in 2002, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

    Jordan Retro 10 – the virtual start of a new era

    Two further Jordan Retro variants, the Jordan Retro 10 and the Jordan Retro 12 are visually striking and attractive, with the Jordan Retro 12 being available in more than eight different colour schemes simultaneously. In addition, the Jordan Retro 10 features an extremely light phylon sole as an express highlight, and as such, the Jordan Retro 10 model virtually ushered in a new era for the Jordan Retro series. On the one hand, the designer features from the Jordan Retro 3, 5 and 6 models heavily influenced the design of the Jordan Retro 10 while, on the other hand, the statistics of Jordan’s yearly successes are engraved into the soles. In addition, the Jordan Retro 10 version is the first Jordan Retro model that was not personally approved by Michael Jordan with reference to the original design. On the other hand, the Jordan Retro 12 is inspired by the Japanese flag; red and white colours are dominant, while the shoe also features a pleated leather upper. Whether you choose the Jordan Retro 12 or another model, let our extensive selection convince and inspire you and make it easy for you to find the retro-look Jordan sneakers of your dreams.

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