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    adidas Boost – Revolution in the running sport industry

    At the introduction of the adidas Boost technology, the company spoke of a revolution in running sport – and didn’t overpromise. Get to know the advantages of this innovative damping technology.

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    How normal midsoles work

    If your knees begin to hurt when running, or your shinbones feel sore, this is a sign of worn-out shoes. What you actually feel is the wearing out of the midsole. Traditionally, these are made of foam rubber, called EVA. With every step, the material is pressed together, going back to its original form when the foot is lifted again. After many thousands of steps, this effect decreases and no longer spring backs – it’s time for a new pair! For a long time, no company made any significant improvements to the midsole. Until now, that is, with the adidas Boost technology! Presented in 2013, the development lasted three years, and took adidas right to the top of the sport shoe world.

    Thousands of energy capsules – better spring and more drive

    The new midsole integrates thousands of so-called energy capsules made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). For the manufacturing, adidas worked together with the worldwide chemical group BASF. adidas Boost morphs at various angles when running, mimicking the motion sequence of your feet in every detail. During running, most energy is lost in the period between hitting the ground and rolling away. The innovative capsules store this impact energy, and give you a natural drive with the rolling away movement. The supportive damping gives you the feeling of running on clouds, and impressive wearing comfort.

    adidas Boost – the best running shoe system in the world for comfort and performance

    You can find the adidas Boost system in numerous shoe models. Alongside running shoes, you can choose from a diverse range of basketball shoes and lifestyle models, and profit from their advantages. Thanks to uppers named Techfit, the shoes win over with a subtly snug fit. Even narrow feet aren’t able to slip here. The optimal energy distribution ensures a maximally light and comfortable running feeling. The weather has no effect on the technology; it functions just as impeccably in extreme heat as it does in extremely cold temperatures. At the same time, you get longer from your shoe. Because the quick to wear out EVA midsole is not there anymore, you can wear the shoes longer before you need a new pair.

    The effectiveness of adidas Boost is scientifically tested

    During a scientific study, the amount of oxygen consumed when wearing shoes with adidas Boost technology was compared to that when wearing shoes without it. The result: the material offers a significant advantage in energy consumption during a unit of sport. Consequently, you run more economically with these shoes, and achieve a higher performance.

    Greater effect for heel runners

    Are you a heel, midfoot or ball runner? Heel runners feel the greatest effect, because the damping and additional drive are especially pronounced then. The extraordinary spring is immediately noticeable. Non-heel runners should take a closer look at the adidas Pure Boost and adidas Ultra Boost models. Anyone who maintains a balanced, neutral running style is well advised to check out the adidas Boost 2. For sportspeople with very wide feet, shoes from adidas are traditionally cut a little narrow. If you’ve previously been wearing an adidas model that fits, then the new adidas Boost shoes are suitable for you.

    New impulses: adidas Pure Boost & adidas Ultra Boost

    With adidas Boost, the brand surprised recreational sport lovers and professionals alike. After the premier, the Pure Boost technology came a year later. With this, the boost effect works across the main part of the shoe’s length. For a 100% boost effect, choose a model from the adidas Ultra Boost range. In just a short time, the advanced sport shoes have won over runners and sneaker wearers alike. Foot Locker presents a huge selection of the newest Boost models. Look forward to unimaginable wearing comfort, and a never before seen durability. Are you after shoes for running, basketball or just for everyday? Compare the offers, and order your new favourite shoes now at the Foot Locker online shop!
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