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    Aether Impervious Spray - Unisex ShoeCare

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    The Aether Impervious spray is a waterproof spray for shoes designed to repel water and dirt. It comes in a 150ml pump-action spray bottle, making it much more environmentally friendly than aerosols.

    Our Impervious spray is the water repellent spray you need to protect your beloved sneakers. 

    The formula is laboratory-tested and reviewed for purity and cleanliness. The nano spray contains molecules 1,000 times smaller than human hair and each molecule is superhydrophobic — making anything it is sprayed onto water- and stain-resistant.

    INGREDIENTS: Water-resistant polymer, wetting agent, citric acid and
    refined water

    The Aether Impervious spray can be used on leather, suede, nubuck and canvas shoes.

    Step 1: Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust and dirt. We recommend using on new sneakers.
    Step 2: Spray evenly over the entire surface from a distance of approximately 10cm, until the surface is damp.
    Step 3: Allow 10 minutes for the molecules to set and repeat step 2 to ensure the entire surface is covered.
    Step 4: Leave to dry for 24 hours in the shade to create superhydrophobic barrier.

    • Color: Multi-Multi
    • Product Code: 249585075800
    • ID: IMPSOG003