• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed (28 day return service)
    • Free standard delivery orders A$150+
    • Free returns
    • Afterpay available online only. Afterpay is not currently available in stores
    • Afterpay returns must sent back to the warehouse, Afterpay refunds OR exchanges cannot be done in stores.


    We strive to offer an excellent service both online and offline. Among our Core Values are Integrity, Excellence, Service, Team Work, and Community. If your experience with us hasn’t been up to the quality we are committed to, please let us know. Send an email to shopsupport-GB@footlocker.eu telling your story and include the store details.


    Know what you want but cannot find it in your favourite store or online? Note down the Product Code for the item you want, which is visible in the product page on footlocker.eu. Go to any of our stores and ask one of our stripers to use the Sneakerfinder service to check the product’s availability in your size. If the product is available in your size in any of our European stores, the striper will book it for you and it will be delivered to your favourite address for a small fee (3 €).

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    Find your favourite store’s contact details by looking it up in our Store Locator.
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    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.pngWhat is your return policy for unworn merchandise?

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/a.pngFoot Locker has a voluntary policy and accepts the return of unworn merchandise within 28 days from the date of purchase, in their original packaging, and with the original receipt. Foot Locker shall either exchange the items or issue a gift card for the same value.

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.pngThe item that I purchased is faulty. What can I do?

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/a.pngPlease return the merchandise to one of our stores. Our store staff is trained to review the product and when they have established that the product is defective, not of satisfactory quality, or not fit for the purpose it was designed for as required by the laws in the country of purchase and within the statutory warranty period, they will accept the return.

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.pngI lost my receipt. Can I still return products?

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/a.pngUnfortunately we always require proof of purchase and will not accept returns without it. The receipt that you receive when you purchase the item is your proof of purchase and it is the customers responsibility to keep this receipt.

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.pngCan I return an item in one of Foot Locker stores when it was purchased online?

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/a.png Just take the item(s) you wish to return to your nearest store along with the order invoice. Our staff will be happy to assist you.
    The refund for items returned in store will be made in cash, unless the original payment was made by credit card.
    Please note that in store returns are not possible in the country of delivery and are not possible in Spain.

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.png I purchased something in one of Foot Locker stores and would like to return it. Can I ship it back to the store?

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/a.png Unfortunately the customer always has to return the product to the stores in person. The reason for this is that we need a signature for the refund. This also reduces the risk of the item being lost during shipping.

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.png Can I return an item that was purchased in the US/Asia Pacific?

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/a.pngDue to the fact that our Europe stores have a different register system, a different currency and we do not sell the same items, our stores are not able to exchange these items that easy.

    We prefer that our customers first contact the info@footlocker-europe.com address, so that our stores can be informed and so that they are given the proper instructions.

    FootlockerAustraliaPacific:/q.pngYou placed an order with Sneaker Finder and you received an incorrect size/wrong pair.

    You can return the item in one of our stores, where our store staff can exchange the order and if needed create another order.

    If you live in a country where there is no Foot Locker store, please contact us at the following email address: info@footlocker-europe.com