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    Brand Vans x Model SK8 x

    The legend lives – with the Vans Sk8-Hi

    You can hardly imagine the skater scene without them: Vans Sk8-Hi. Whether they’re white, black, or brightly patterned – these cult shoes are never out of style.

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    Made in the USA

    Tony Alva does it, Steve Caballero does it and Dustin Dollin does it too: they all choose to wear Vans Sk8-Hi – a shoe for all skating occasions. And with good reason! After all, these shoes were the first ever to be created to allow daring acrobatic board moves. These models have been a firm fixture of the skate scene since 1966, and since then, they’ve barely changed – at least not where the high quality soles are concerned. The sole has remained true to the original throughout, which is yet another reason why these are authentic, old-school legends. The Vans Sk8-Hi was the first shoe to offer greater stability than normal sneakers, and the new high top format with high ankles offers outstanding support in addition. In short: the Vans Sk8-Hi is optimally designed to deal with the stresses and strains placed on skaters’ feet everywhere – a must for injury-free skating tricks!

    Back in the day, when the company was first founded in the USA by Serge D'Elia, Jim Van Doren and Gordy Lee, there was actually no way to buy the shoes. They were simply put on display. However, as interest in the shoes continued to grow, and demand grew with it, they eventually went on sale – after which the momentum behind the stylish, functional Vans was unstoppable and their popularity with great skaters, such as Stacy Peralta, only fuelled the boom even more. That was good news; otherwise we might still have to live without these amazing kicks even today.

    Black, white or multi-coloured?

    The Vans Sk8 models are now available in all imaginable shapes and colours and, as such, their appeal has expanded well beyond the skater scene. Wherever you look, Vans are everywhere! There’s a reason for that, of course, because one thing about the shoes is undeniable: they are utterly cool. No matter whether you prefer the Vans Sk8-Hi white or Vans Sk8-Hi black, or opt for bright colours, checks, stripes, or even a floral pattern – there’s nothing more to wish for and girls and guys will be equally satisfied. Take a look at Foot Locker and, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something to inspire you!

    With the Vans Sk8-Hi, nothing is impossible

    The Vans Sk8-Hi naturally looks its best when combined with classis skater style. That means baggy pants, a cap and a backpack – what else? Nonetheless – and this may be the best thing about your new favourite shoes – Vans Sk8-Hi can combine with any look – and more than hold their own! Whether for college, school, leisure activities or even your job: Vans are genuine all-rounders and look right everywhere. With a shirt, these casual sports shoes create an elegant look, while they can combine with a patterned shirt for a more relaxed style. Women can wear Vans with a short skirt or a patterned dress. If you prefer a more romantic look, add some cute tights to the mix. Stonewashed jeans and a shirt or a top also look awesome if you want something a little less feminine, creating the perfect outfit for skater girls.

    No surprise, then, that with all these options, Vans continues to ride the crest of an imposing wave! This cult footwear is also available in summer and winter variants: when temperatures climb, the leather or canvas uppers ensure freshness, even when things get sweaty on the halfpipe! For the winter, Vans are available with a snug fleece lining that guarantees that nothing will freeze solid, even when the temperatures drop below freezing. This means that you’re safe and sound with the Vans Sk8-Hi all year round. No doubt about it: these are shoes that will rightly make any skater’s heart beat a little faster.
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