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    Vans Authentic – the name says it all

    With the cool Vans Authentic shoe, everything runs better – but this cult shoe is about so much more than running!

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    It all started in California

    Vans has already celebrated its half century! It all goes back to 16 March 1966, when the label founded by Paul Van Doren and his partners, Jim Van Doren, Gordy Lee and Serge D'Elia first saw the light of day. That’s when the four partners opened the world’s first Vans store in Anaheim, California – and the story of its first day is legendary. Early in the morning, twelve customers already wanted to buy a pair of the most famous model right away – namely a pair of Vans Authentics. Unfortunately, the business owners had only built prototypes by this point, and therefore the shoe boxes were still empty. As a result, they asked the customers to come back that afternoon, and had twelve pairs manufactured in the meantime to fulfil the customer orders. So far, so good. However, then came the next mistake: when the customers came back in the afternoon, the founders realised that they had no change. With nothing else to be done, they gave the first customers their shoes to take with them and arranged for the customers to come back and pay the next day. A big risk, perhaps, when you’ve only just started your company! Nonetheless, all the customers came back the next day and paid for their Vans – which cost between $2.49 and $4.99 at the time.

    For skater boys and girls everywhere

    Vans – also known as Vans Off The Wall, highlighting their eccentric nature – quickly earned a name for itself, with the shoes enjoying particular popularity in the skater scene, just as they do today. No wonder, as the shoes offer a blend of stability and firmness that makes them ideal for skating, while their simple looks suit the skater lifestyle as well. There’s plenty of proof that they’re still in style today – they were part of Seth Cohen’s uniform (Adam Brody) in “The OC,” while Brian O’Conner in “The Fast and the Furious” series (Paul Walker) also wore them on several occasions. Corey Taylor appeared wearing Vans on his feet in the music video for “Before I Forget” with his band Slipknot.

    Vans Authentic – for tiny feet and giants

    The Vans Authentic is so classically styled that literally anyone can wear them – whether they’re young or old, big or small, male or female. The canvas upper material ensures a comfortable, light and well ventilated wearing experience, while comfort is further enhanced by the thick, vulcanised rubber soles. The laces give the shoes their individual, distinctive appearance as well as making them fit your feet even better. The iconic logo is also on board, as ever – however, it remains quite subtle. After all, genuine cool doesn’t need to draw attention to itself!

    Not only are these hip sneakers super comfortable – they also look extremely cool! Whether you opt for one of the original models like the Vans Authentic in white, the Vans Authentic in black or the coloured Unilook, your outfit is guaranteed to look even better! There are also always new patterns to discover from Vans: it all kicked off with the popular black and white check pattern, known as Checkerboards by aficionados, and there’s something for everyone including graphical patterns and designs featuring favourite foods, animals or flowers! In addition, there are always slightly tweaked designs that address special preferences, like the Vans Authentic Lo Pro. These sneakers aren’t just for the skate park – they also look and feel great in the city or on the beach. For all chilled out globetrotters, sports enthusiasts or simply those who have a lust for life, these cult shoes are stylish companions that you can take anywhere – whether you’re a baby, a college student, or starting your own family. Timeless freshness – take a look at the different models in the Vans Authentic range online at Footlocker and choose your “lifestyle companion” for yourself!

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