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    Reebok Club C Kendrick Lamar

    Reebok Club: Tradition, timeless style, and an integrated, worldwide political message

    There’s no question that there are many good reasons to wear Reebok sneakers. Firstly, they have their own, unique style that places authenticity and tradition at the forefront. While their competitors have increased their emphasis on futuristic models, Reebok always remains true to its roots, with a particular focus on the 1980s. There are good reasons for this, too: although the company had been founded as far back as 1895 in Bolton, England as J.W. Foster and Sons, the sportswear manufacturer’s big break came in the 1980s, transforming it into a true market heavyweight. Tennis shoes in particular created amazing hype in the mid-80s and catapulted Reebok’s models to the top in terms of popularity and cult appeal.

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    Reebok Club C 85 Vintage: An homage to the 80s cult shoe

    With the appearance of the Reebok Club C 85 Vintage, the company has reinterpreted a true 80s classic. The new Reebok Club C 85 Vintage has been conceived as a way to promote straightforwardness, transparency and authenticity. There’s no room for any bells and whistles: there is a ruthless focus on features that are essential. As such, this tennis shoe features an appropriately purist style, with a clear structure that works just as well on the basketball court as it does on the tennis court. From the upper, which is made from especially soft leather, the extremely low cut, the stamped EVA midsoles, the terry lining in the tongue or the hardwearing rubber outer soles – the Reebok Club C 85 Vintage combines comfort with retro chic and vintage flair.

    A vintage look to give retro fans goosebumps

    Retro fans in particular will celebrate this comeback. The Reebok Club 85 has only very subtle visual changes when compared with the 1986 original but, on the other hand, the sneaker is now equipped with many up-to-date technical features. Stand-out features of the technically optimised Reebok Club C 85 cult sport shoe include the EVA midsole, which ensures that the shoe always offers optimal damping, as well as the wear-resistant runner sole, which provides a solid, secure grip. If you wear this shoe, with its extremely clean look, on the streets, in a trendy club or at a party, you’re guaranteed to create a visual stir with the all-round retro charm which never comes across as outmoded, but rather as absolutely timeless!

    Rap star Kendrick Lamar designs models with a social and political message

    When you opt for a Reebok Club sneaker, you’ll be in good company, alongside lots of well-known celebrities. The list of stars who have been ambassadors for Reebok Styles, is apparently endless. One name, in particular, has been on that list for several years, and that’s Kendrick Lamar. The American rapper and songwriter has already achieved many Reebok Classics to achieve a look that avoids superficiality and focuses on much deeper topics thanks to his self-confidence and the political aspects of his message. This inspiration is particularly striking in the new edition of the Reebok Club C. Lamar declared that the style of the reissued sneakers, the originals of which have one of the most legendary heritage silhouettes of all, to be a call for equality and unity. This is closely related to Reebok’s philosophy, which is particularly committed to the field of human rights. Consequently, Reebok’s shoe division was explicitly recognised by the Fair Labour Association for its employment standards. The FLA is a joint venture by non-governmental organisations, universities and businesses that strive to achieve better working conditions and labour rights worldwide.

    Reebok Club C as a stylistic monument to equality and unity

    This is the context in which the look of the Reebok Club C inspires people to look beneath the surface and unlock hidden messages. The Kendrick Lamar Reebok Club C thereby specifically focuses on the abstract and on anonymity. The black and white base, with their look that recalls acid-washed denim, are a hallmark of the sneaker. This is more than just a look – it’s much more important to understand the style as a message: according to Kendrick Lamar, this striking, black and white pattern stands for racial equality, while the red accents around the heels symbolise passion and power. In addition, you’ll find hidden letters 'K' and 'O' in the Classic branding, and with these details, Kendrick makes a specific reference to his alter ego, K.Dot. Simply browse through our online shop for a bit, where you’ll find a variety of different Reebok Club C models in varied Colorways, all of which carry the all-important “Designed by Kendrick Lamar” label, with the Kendrick Lamar portfolio even featuring baby shoes.

    Supermodel Gigi Hadid is the face of Reebok

    Naturally, Kendrick Lamar is not the only famous American rapper to work with the sports manufacturer. Curren$y, for instance, has come out as a true Reebok fan and has also signed a collaboration with the brand. The world of modelling also has real fans of the Reebok Club, where the Reebok Club C in particular has attracted more than its share of longing glances. For instance, supermodel Gigi Hadid decorates the campaign shots for the Reebok Classic Club C Diamond Series. Gigi Hadid, who had already appeared on the catwalk as a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model, fall for the feminine character of certain Reebok Club variants, which the model describes as “fashionably timeless, comfortably, sporty, and elegantly cool.” You can check this statement for yourself at any time: our shop features the complete range of models in the Reebok Classic Club C Diamond Series. As well as Kendrick Lamar and Gigi Hadid, famous athletes such as tennis aces Andy Roddick and Venus Williams, the French football legend Thierry Henry, the multiple Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, and famous footballers including Iker Casillas, Ryan Giggs and Andrij Schewtschenko have been Reebok spokespeople. In addition, Reebok is the official shoe supplier of Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NFL. So when will you create your own, personal street style from the Reebok Club range?

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