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    Back to the future: Adidas EQT – Cult icon and sign of the times

    In the early 1990s it was celebrated as a model for the future. Not only that, but it was seen as a flagship for the complete reorientation of Adidas. The Adidas Equipment series effectively shaped the entire strategy of the Adidas brand. Today the Herzogenaurach-based sports manufacturer has revived the EQT series as an hommage to its previous importance. Under the tagline “Back to the Futureˮ, Adidas is now promoting the EQT series which first entered the annals of footwear-history around 25 years ago.

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    Between futuristic aesthetics and historical background

    Indeed it must not be forgotten that the Adidas EQT series has a particular historic significance in Germany. The launch of this range came directly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germans from both West and East saw this new line of shoes from Adidas as a symbol of a new era, a new epoch. Accordingly the collection was particularly sought after in Germany. The defiantly progressive Performance Output from Adidas Equipment delighted everyone. In this way, the whole series developed in a comparatively short space of time into a cult icon, with its futuristic aesthetics and a historical background.

    Optimal appearance: Adidas EQT series established a new style

    Whether the look, logo or colour scheme – the Adidas Equipment range defined itself in the early 1990s through its unique appearance, completely different to what had come before it. In spite of this, however, the shoes stayed true to Adi Dassler’s core design principles, namely that sports and running shoes, and sportswear were tools first and foremost, and should improve the performance of their wearers. Since then, this two-part focus has become firmly established at the centre of Adidas‘ strategy. Many of the subsequent developments were built around this idea, and even whole model ranges were built around the designs of the Adidas EQT variants. This design trend continued until the release of the Adidas Originals, as that range entirely redefined both old and new creations.

    New interpretations ensure brave new colour combinations for street style appearance

    The 2017 EQT range has also developed a bit from the range that was release at the beginning of the 1990s. Above all, Adidas have chosen a much braver and more varied colour palette and combinations than in previous years. While the Adidas Equipment shoes in the past were generally colour white, black or green, the designers have now done away with the traditional range of colours. Popular now are colours such as Turbo Red, or the unusual comination of black/gray/pink. Alongside these bold colour choices Adidas have also altered one small but significant detail: the Trefoil Logo has been reworked in a new interpretation of the classic 1991 design. The overall effect of the new version is more laid-back, with an explicit coolness-factor, without completely betraying the aesthetics of the original series. Have a quick look round our shop. If you’re a 90s kid you’re guaranteed to be hit with a hefty dose of nostalgia. Even if it’s not your generation, the street style aesthetics are bound to take you under their spell.

    Adidas EQT Support series – not just running shoes, sneakers as well

    The inspiration which originated in the legenary Adidas EQT running shoes of the 90s, is everpresent, and as a result, the designers have ensured that the "running-appearance" is maintained today. After all, the Adidas EQT Support series has in previous years been presented as the optimal model for running shoes. This key feature is still present in individual items making up the EQT series, but as a bonus you can now get the new Adidas EQT Support shoes as sneakers with the typical Adidas Equipment style, which maintains a stylish, modern appearance through individual futuristic elements. Features such as the raised, contrasting stripes or the worked upper surface with its attractive pixel design serve as particular eyecatchers. The interiors of the new Adidas EQT Support shoes have also had a significant overhaul, with wearer comfort being the top priority.

    Adidas EQT ADV model combines dynamic looks with wearer comfort

    The designers at Adidas have been thinking about diversity when it comes to their new creations, and as a result they have made something to suit every taste. For example, with the Adidas EQT ADV you can get a pure performance running shoe, which combines functionality with striking design. This reimagining of the classic running shoe from the 1990s combines the latest technology with true vintage style. The Adidas EQT ADV model’s upper surface, made of air-mesh material ensures a seriously dynamic look, while at the same time providing you with a perfect fit. Perhaps you would prefer to turn heads with an Adidas EQT ADV shoe made of seductive suede, while the integrated reflective details guarantee a unique look. When it comes to shoes, and more specifically with sneakers – whatever you wear them for – there’s something in our shop to take every street or party by storm. You won’t find a better look than the Adidas EQT ADV series or the Adidas EQT Support range anywhere ...

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